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HappyEarth Mug - Deep Winter Edition

HappyEarth Mug - Deep Winter Edition

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As the night sky deepens and the winter chill sets in, our "Deep Winter" edition from the "HappyEarth" Mug Collection emerges as a beacon of hope and warmth. This exquisite mug captures the tranquil essence of the season with the Earth ensconced in a bejeweled beanie, reflecting the serene beauty of a world at rest under a blanket of snow.

This unique piece is a celebration of the stillness and introspection that winter brings, inviting you to a moment of peaceful reflection with your favorite hot beverage. It's a reminder of the quiet strength of our planet, even in the harshest of seasons.

Each mug is an eco-friendly ally, made with materials kind to our environment, ensuring your comforting concoctions are enjoyed responsibly. The stunning details and durable design promise to make this mug a cherished part of your collection, perfect for those contemplative winter mornings or cozy, fireside evenings.

Embrace the "Deep Winter" edition and let your spirit be as resilient as the Earth it honors. Collect this piece as a testament to the endurance and beauty of our planet in its most peaceful slumber.

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Product Specification

11oz 100% Natural Ceramic Mug, printed in the UK with water based inks and renewable energy. Dishwasher and microwave-safe with a durable, high gloss finish. Recycled and recyclable plastic-free packaging. Print area of 185mm x 80mm.

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