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HappyEarth Mug - Winter Edition

HappyEarth Mug - Winter Edition

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Introducing the first treasure of our "HappyEarth" collection—where the spirit of the season meets a promise to our planet. Adorned with an Earth donning a wintry beanie, this exclusive mug captures the essence of winter's warmth and the embrace of environmental care.

Each sip from this eco-conscious creation is a warm hug for your soul, perfect for cradling your favorite hot beverage after a crisp stroll in the winter air. The robust construction ensures your drinks stay steaming, mirroring the sustainability of the Earth-friendly materials used to craft this unique piece.

Not just a vessel for your steamy teas or rich coffees, this mug is a collector's gateway to an entire season of heartfelt, eco-friendly experiences. It's a daily reminder, as the snow blankets the earth, that our planet needs the same protective care we give ourselves during these chilly months.

So, wrap your fingers around this limited edition "HappyEarth" mug and cherish the cozy comfort it brings. As the world outside rests under the frost, let's warm up to the idea of a greener tomorrow.

Product Specification

11oz 100% Natural Ceramic Mug, printed in the UK with water based inks and renewable energy. Dishwasher and microwave-safe with a durable, high gloss finish. Recycled and recyclable plastic-free packaging. Print area of 185mm x 80mm.

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