About Us

We are Ecolyptix, a company founded by two friends who share a passion for sustainability and a vision for a better future. We decided to join forces to create solutions that are good for the environment and for people. We have young children ourselves, so we know how important it is to act responsibly and collectively.

  • Organic Cotton

    We use natural organic material for all our products. This means no artificial pesticides are involved. Natural methods improve the soil, sequester more carbon per hectare, boost biodiversity, and protect farmers and animals.

  • Circular and renewable

    We supply products that can be returned back to the start of the manufactoring process to be made into new product. Our 'Remill' apperal are created from recycled natural materials.

  • Print On Demand

    We print only once an order is created, so we dont waste energy printing clothing that never get purchased.

Together we can make the world a better place